PUDLO – Part Of A Quality Driven Heritage

PUDLO waterproof systems is part of David Ball Group, a leading specialist in high quality sands and cementitious materials for industry, quality testing and construction.

Founding business, David Ball Specialist Sands, is a global market leader in ultra high quality British Standard Reference and industrial process sands, exported worldwide for over 45 years. David Ball Group PS Range manufactures waterproof coatings and sealants to complement the PUDLO integral waterproofing system and for other concrete applications.

The PUDLO ethos is  

  • Service excellence
  • Materials quality
  • Technical innovation.

Pioneering since its first commercial use in the 1870s, PUDLO’S unique chemistry has been sustaining iconic landmarks, as well as hospitals, hotels and homes, in corrosion-free condition for decades.

The modern business invests heavily in R&D and quality management at our state-of-the-art production centre in Cambridge. Materials quality is backed by our comprehensive engagement in every project and every concrete element relying on PUDLO, from design
consultation to site inspection.

More often than not, wherever concrete is at the cutting edge, PUDLO is at the heart of it – tall buildings,record-breaking fountains and riverside basements, to green roofs, high temperature waste reactors and tsunami research facilities.

As the world’s most advanced and robustly assured system of intrinsically waterproof concrete, PUDLO continues to evolve and facilitate the engineering vision of 21st century construction.