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The PUDLO waterproof system offer Architects the licence to design water-resistant (and water-retaining) structures fully compliant with codes and standards.

Many things will determine what can be structurally achieved and guaranteed when specifying a waterproofing system for a building project.

The quality and material characteristics of the product is one. Equally important is the technical evolution and quality inspection of the concrete design, supply, preparation, installation, and curing for the required application.

Waterproof solutions rely on more than just industry leading products; clever detailing and specification alone will not ensure the waterproofing is successful. PUDLO’s constant on-site QA team ensures that a watertight result is achieved.

Benefits of designing with PUDLO:

  • Backed by a dedicated on-site ISO 9001 accredited QA inspection team, from design concept to building handover
  • PUDLO CAD details incorporated into project drawings as part of the PUDLO design process
  • Increases the durability of the completed structure by protecting it from water ingress
  • Market-leading 20 year warranty of the completed structure when using PUDLO waterproof solutions (UK only)
  • 20 year Insurance-backed guarantee option available
  • PUDLO’s on-site QA team exists solely to ensure waterproofing best practice and high standards are met at every stage of construction
  • ICE recommend a single point of responsibility for sub structure waterproofing
  • BS 8102:2009 advises a waterproofing ‘specialist’ is appointed for the entire project
  • BS 8102:2009 requires the building be designed to a full head of hydrostatic pressure
  • High level of quality control ensures a leak-free structure