PUDLO Waterproof Systems can help clients and developers to accelerate construction, so that buildings can be occupied sooner.

Building design must address many contemporary concerns and responsibilities – sustainability, buildability, durability, resilience to climate change and extreme weather events such as flooding, harsh winter snaps and dry summers.

PUDLO waterproof systems provide the most comprehensive answer to these needs, from homes, hospitals, hotels and high rises, to bridges, tunnels and vital infrastructure.

They makes basements, substructures and critical concrete elements waterproof while enhancing strength, durability and overall design life.

Waterproofing relies on more than just our industry leading products; clever detailing and specification alone will not ensure a waterproof structure. PUDLO’s constant on-site QA team ensures that a watertight result is achieved.

Benefits of using PUDLO Waterproof Systems

  • Experience – Our team has the knowledge and experience to provide the very best waterproofing solutions to our customers.
  • Peace of mind and total support throughout your project
  • Expertise – Industry-qualified (CSSW & TechICT) waterproofing experts on-hand at every stage of your project
  • Warranty – 20 year warranty (UK only) for the complete project – Not just a product warranty!
  • In-house Design team on-hand to provide project specific details
  • We provide a single point of responsibility for sub structure waterproofing as recommend by ICE
  • BS 8102:2009 advises a waterproofing ‘specialist’ is appointed for the entire project
  • High level of quality control ensures a leak-free structure

Tried and tested over decades, aspirational architecture and successful reputations are built on PUDLO’s integrity.