Enquire about a CPD at your offices

PUDLO’s reputation is built on the fact that nothing is left to chance. Every project is inspected by your own dedicated site support.

This team exists solely to provide on-site QA support and ensures the highest standards and industry best practices are met at every stage of construction.

PUDLO’s Quality Assurance comes at no extra cost and includes the following;

  • PUDLO CAD details incorporated into project drawings as part of the PUDLO design process
  • Mix Design Approval
  • RMC / Batching Plant Briefing
  • Pre-Start Contractor Induction Meeting
  • Pre-Pour Inspection Preparation and Approval
  • Pour Attendance – All Pours Inspected And Documented
  • Post Pour Curing Inspection
  • Final Completed Works Inspection And Approval
  • Issue Of 20 Year Warranty (UK only)

Successful waterproofing of basements, substructures, cores and other concrete elements relies on construction quality as much as structural design.

Waterproof concrete relies on more than just our industry leading product; clever detailing and specification alone will not ensure the concrete will be placed correctly. PUDLO’s constant on-site QA team ensures that a watertight result is achieved.

This is why PUDLO’s technical support in delivering waterproof and other specialist concrete solutions is a constant through every phase of a project – from design consultation to building handover.

Our commercial focus goes far beyond ensuring that PUDLO, the most advanced system for integral waterproofing, is part of the concrete scheme at design sign-off. We partner contractors on cost-effective, time-efficient delivery of the concrete programme, through coordinated site support and inspection of all concrete elements.

It makes PUDLO waterproofing a marque of quality and integrity that contractors are fully confident to recommend to clients and take forward from project to project.

  • Industry leading warranty – 20 year warranty (UK only) for the completed structure leaving us with the sole responsibility of the waterproofing.
  • PUDLO experts with you every step of the way – From design to project completion.
  • Suitable for high water tables
  • Sustainable construction – Structures last longer due to increase in durability, making construction more sustainable.
  • ICE recommend a single point of responsibility for sub structure waterproofing
  • BS 8102:2009 advises a waterproofing ‘specialist’ is appointed for the entire project
  • BS 8102:2009 requires the building be designed to a full head of hydrostatic pressure
  • High level of quality control ensures a leak-free structure