David Ball appointed honorary fellow

David Ball, Founder and Chairman of David Ball Group, has been appointed as Honorary Fellow of Institute of Concrete Technology, an organisation established over 40 years ago which aims to maintain concrete innovation as a recognised engineering discipline.

Speaking about his appointment David said:

“I’m delighted to have been appointed as an Honorary Fellow of a prestigious organisation such as the Institute of Concrete Technology. I firmly believe that there are many exciting opportunities for innovation within the concrete and cement industry, particularly in the sustainable construction sector.

“This sector presents a huge challenge for the industry, which requires innovation, funding, adoption and importantly education, if it is to be successful. There needs to be a paradigm shift in the industry’s perception of green building construction as a niche market, to it being an industry standard.”

Education is an ethos David Ball has instilled at David Ball Group, which actively encourages its technical managers and site teams to take Institute of Concrete Technology courses, to gain internationally recognised training and qualifications in their areas. David continues:

“At David Ball Group we are serious about our employees not only having the necessary skills to fulfil their roles, but also having insights into the latest industry developments and how they influence the use and control of concrete in construction across the globe.”

David Ball knows from experience the challenges involved in bringing new technologies to this market, after recently inventing CEMFREE, a patented zero-cement structural concrete, and the first concrete to be brought to market for decades.

“Bringing a radically new material to market is a challenging issue. With any new technology or material there is a need to educate the market on the product and its value, but this can’t happen without the willingness of all those concerned, including the construction industry and educationalists.

“The attitudes of the industry need to come round to the idea that new technologies and materials will emerge, and a major part of this will be education based. For this reason, organisations like the Institute of Concrete Technology are essential and I look forward to supporting their activities in the future.”

This article appeared in Royal Academy of Engineering, Cambridge News, World Cement and Builder & Engineer.