David Ball presents at Our World in Concrete Structures Conference in Singapore

David Ball, Chairman of David Ball Group PLC and President of The Concrete Society (2010 to 2012), is presenting a Keynote Address and is an advisor at the ‘Our World in Concrete & Structures’ Conference in Singapore this summer. The prestigious event is now in its 38th year and attracts key industry figures from the private and public sectors.

The event will focus on the growth of urban areas around the world and the importance of lowering the cost of providing energy, healthcare, infrastructure and services. The world needs sustainable construction now more than ever. The construction industry is showing a growing commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and its consumption of natural resources as we see a rapid increase in the demand for greener buildings. This demand provides both challenges and opportunities in relation to the materials used during construction and encourages the use of materials with lower environmental impacts over their lifecycle.

David will be speaking about the invention and development of a replacement for conventional Ordinary Portland Cement based concrete. This new patented discovery, Cemfree, from David Ball Group PLC, confronts the challenges of climate change, the rising demand for energy and carbon legacy of the world’s most widely used construction material.

Since its recent development, Cemfree has already won the esteemed Shell Springboard Award for challenging climate change and being at the cutting-edge of the UK’s new low carbon economy. This pertinent new product incorporates ground-breaking principles and technology that allows more to be achieved whilst using less material to make it happen.

Cemfree has been designed to enable contractors to use a more sustainable concrete with higher performance characteristics as well as utilising existing by-products that would otherwise add to landfill sites. The obvious potential of removing Co2 from the world’s most widely used building material opens the possibility to impact and accelerate sustainable strategies, particularly the lowering of Co2 emissions.