NHBC Chapter 5.4 – How PUDLO can help?

In 2013 NHBC launched the basement campaign. A key component to derive from this is the recently launched NHBC Chapter 5.4 ‘Waterproofing of basements and other below ground structures’.

The Chapter gives guidance on the technical requirements and recommendations for the waterproofing of structures below (or near to) ground level on NHBC projects.

The Chapter states that the waterproofing element should be designed by a waterproofing design specialist. Waterproof specialists should have successfully completed the Certified Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing (CSSW) qualification from the Property Care Association (PCA). NHBC have highlighted the importance of getting the waterproofing design specialist involved as early as possible to co-ordinate with the project team to ensure satisfactory integration of the waterproofing system into the building.

Where Grade 3 protection is required, and the below ground wall retains more than 600mm, the waterproofing design will require a combined system as identified in BS8102:2009. PUDLO Type B concrete can achieve a grade 3 environment without the need for additional systems, however as part of NHBC Chapter 5.4 a dual system is required.

How can PUDLO help?

PUDLO Waterproofing Systems has a team of CSSW-qualified waterproofing designers who are on-hand to assist your design and construction team with this part of the process.

We now offer a Type A system as part of the PUDLO combined system. If you have an alternative system that you’d like to use in conjunction with PUDLO Type B concrete system, then get in contact with us to discuss our warranty options.

With our PUDLO combined system you still get all the great PUDLO service throughout your project but with the option of a combined 20-year warranty for both waterproofing systems, providing reassurance for the whole project team.