PUDLO Protects WWII Time Capsule

PUDLO has been used to protect a time capsule that has been buried in Swaffham Bulbeck, Cambs. On 10th June, organisers of the War Detectives event, Red2Green were joined by their patron, scriptwriter and comedian Andy Hamilton and the High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the end of World War II.

The event attracted hundreds of visitors who watched films made by local students about how the war affected their community and area at the time. After the films were shown, poems, artwork, pictures and reports were placed in a time capsule and sealed by Andy Hamilton before being buried next to the village war memorial. It was encased in PUDLO concrete to keep it waterproof so that when it is dug up in 100 years’ time, all the contents will be safe and dry. 

Red2Green runs services across Cambridgeshire providing leisure, educational and work opportunities for over 600 people with a wide range of disabilities and those facing disadvantage, including mental health problems, learning disabilities, physical disabilities and autistic spectrum conditions. This was just one of their many events that helps communities to pursue a common goal to learn and commemorate together.