A dual-purpose, multi-component powdered admixture comprising of a powerful single dosage pack providing outstanding durability and waterproofing properties to all concrete mixes. It also includes plasticising and corrosion-inhibiting benefits. PUDLO waterproof concrete … Read more »

HDBR Adhesive

A high performance, polyurethane, single pack, multi-purpose sealant. It is a one part, moisture curing, non-sag elastomeric sealant formulated to provide low skin formation and fast cure. USES For bonding … Read more »

HDBR Waterstop

HDBR Waterbar is a green Elastomeric Hydrophilic strip made of natural sodium bentonite clay and synthetic rubber designed for the integral sealing of construction joints in cast-in place concrete. HDBR … Read more »

PS Crackcure

PS Crackcure is a clear, alkaline, spray-applied liquid designed to seal fine, hair-line cracks in concrete to leave a “blemish-free” concrete surface. Designed to seal early-age thermal cracks of 0.1mm … Read more »

PS Swell Mastic

PS Swell Mastic is a one component, polyurethane based, solvent free, hydro swelling mastic, supplied in cartridges and aluminium sausages, for the sealing of construction joints. PS Swell Mastic cures … Read more »

PS Concrete Repair

PS Concrete Repair is a specially formulated, pre-mixed cementitious concrete powder. The material mixes readily with water to produce a non-shrink, water-resistant repair material that hardens to give a high … Read more »