PS Crackcure

PS Crackcure is a clear, alkaline, spray-applied liquid designed to seal fine, hair-line cracks in concrete to leave a “blemish-free” concrete surface. Designed to seal early-age thermal cracks of 0.1mm to 0.4mm width to render them invisible.

  • PS Crackcure acts chemically to convert un-hydrated calcium hydroxide in concrete to the more stable and harder calcium-silicate-hydrate. PS Crackcure will increase surface hardness to create a dust-free, concrete surface.
  • PS Crackcure expands the surface of concrete to seal all hair-line cracks- permanently.

In a 1 litre spray bottle. PS Crackcure is a ready-to-use, site applied material.


  • Ensure the surface is dry, free from mould oil and protected from weather or other water ingress.
  • Spray apply a liberal dosage of PS Crackcure directly onto the concrete surface, covering an area of
  • 100mm either side of the crack.
  • Wipe off all surplus liquid.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Using a sponge & clean drinkable quality water, wipe down each day until cracks disappear.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation & drying equipment is in place to facilitate curing of PS Crackcure.
  • Re-apply PS Crackcure and repeat above procedure until all cracks self-seal and become invisible.


  • PS Crackcure is a clear, alkaline, non-toxic liquid of the same viscosity as water.
  • PS Crackcure is a specially-formulated crack sealer for early-age thermal cracks on the surface of concrete.
  • PS Crackcure is particularly useful for fine, surface cracks in all concrete structures.
  • PS Crackcure has the same, high pH value as concrete and will enhance the properties of concrete to passify steel reinforcement and inhibit corrosion of steel.
  • PS Crackcure will provide a dust-free, abrasion-resistant, concrete surface.