PS Concrete Repair

PS Concrete Repair is a specially formulated, pre-mixed cementitious concrete powder. The material mixes readily with water to produce a non-shrink, water-resistant repair material that hardens to give a high strength product.

PS Concrete Repair will provide a concrete repair with similar characteristics to the concrete surround once placed.


PS Concrete Repair is a Quality Assured product produced to BS EN ISO 9001:2000.


  • Concrete repairs to reinforced concrete structures
  • Load bearing and structural applications
  • Repair and protection of concrete in marine environments
  • Motorway bridges, viaducts and carriageway repairs
  • To repair concrete floors, car parks, pathways, loading bays, roadways and motorways
  • Designed to Department of Transport Specification for Highways Works
  • Portland cement based, acrylic modified and microsilica enhanced
  • Quickly and easily mixed, pumped or trowelled and placed
  • Water resistant
  • Will not segregate or bleed, and is readily pumpable
  • Excellent mechanical strengths and good bond strengths
  • Resistant to static, dynamic and vibrational stresses
  • Shrinkage compensated, low-alkali cements equivalent Na2O below 3.0kg/m³
  • Incorporates non-reactive graded sands safe from ASR attack
  • Contains no chlorides, ferrous metal or other deleterious substances
  • Economical, non-toxic and safe to use

Water-resistant repair material that hardens to give a high strength product.