A dual-purpose, multi-component powdered admixture comprising of a powerful single dosage pack providing outstanding durability and waterproofing properties to all concrete mixes. It also includes plasticising and corrosion-inhibiting benefits.

PUDLO waterproof concrete outperforms any other admixture of its kind in both durability and impermeability. Where long term durability is critical and / or exposure to aggressive environments is present, PUDLO waterproof concrete provides significant key solutions when added to the concrete mix.

BBA certificate 01/3843 relates to PUDLO performance characteristics and provides accurate independent data on durability and impermeability.


Durability — concrete containing the product is more durable than the equivalent plain concrete due to its reduced permeability (see section 17 of BBA certificate).

Resistance to water penetration — concrete and render containing the product has reduced permeability when compared to the equivalent plain concrete and render (see sections 5 and 6 of BBA certificate).

Reinforcement protection — concrete containing the product has enhanced resistance to reinforcement corrosion when compared to the equivalent plain concrete (see section 7 of BBA certificate).

Mechanical properties — the mechanical properties of the concrete and render are not adversely affected by the incorporation of the product (see section 8 of BBA certificate).

The product is suitable for use in concrete mixes designed to be in contact with potable water and has been approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme for this purpose.

PUDLO powder is a Quality Controlled, dry powdered product produced in a BS EN ISO 9001 quality manufacturing environment. PUDLO Powder is BBA accredited holding Certificate No 01 / 3843.


  • Integral advantages in both high durability and waterproofing environments of all concrete mixes and cementitious based systems
  • PUDLO is suitable for use with all CEM1 mixes (100% OPC) and cement replacement mix designs using GGBS, PFA and micro silica
  • To increase durability and minimise permeability, absorption and efflorescence
  • To provide long-term (building lifetime) durability
  • Applicable in all types structural readymix concrete and precast concretes
  • To reduce shrinkage
  • Provides permanent significant reduction in permeability Reduction in carbonation of concrete
  • Improves resistance to sulphate, chloride and chemical attack including leachates
  • Enhances protection against frost attack
  • Provides sound concrete for protection of reinforcement steel
  • Increases ultimate compressive and tensile strengths without increase in cement content
  • Reduces bleed and segregation
  • Reduces efflorescence and staining
  • Ready to use, readily dispersed, single dose powder, supplied in convenient pre-weighed dissolvable paper bags
  • Proven world-wide track record with over 140 year history
  • Concrete mixes containing the product can be placed, compacted and cured by operatives with experience of using conventional concreting methods and equipment

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