PUDLO GP TITAN BOND Gas & Waterproof Membrane is a high achieving, dual performance membrane that provides protection from gases including VOCs, Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Radon, Hydrocarbons and protects the structure from water ingress.

PUDLO GP TITAN BOND Membrane is a multi-layer, polythene membrane which is fleece-backed providing a fully bonded system to the concrete.

PUDLO GP TITAN BOND Membrane is currently the only single system membrane that provides gas protection (as outlined in BS8485:2015, BRE 211 & CIRIA) and grade 3 waterproofing protection (in accordance with BS8102:2009). In addition to this, it has also been accepted by NHBC. The PUDLO GP TITAN BOND Membrane is also the only available single system able to cope with the rigorous requirements of C748 which details the VOC/Hydrocarbon resistance requirements of membranes.


  • Recognised as an accepted system for gas and water protection by NHBC.
  • Full surface contact between the membrane and concrete.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Can be installed in all weather conditions.
  • No requirement for priming. Overlaps are sealed by hot welding or joint tape (dependant on gas present).
  • VOC & Hydrocarbon barrier – The only membrane available to fully achieve the requirements of C748 for chemical testing as a bonded type A.


For all aspects of gas protection and where a Grade 3 (waterproofing) environment is required as part of a dual system recommended in BS8102:2009. PUDLO GP TITAN BOND can be used in horizontal or vertical applications. PUDLO GP TITAN BOND is suitable for all ground floor and basement construction including lift pits, slabs, liner walls, capping beams and service penetrations. PUDLO GP TITAN BOND can also be used as single system.

The PUDLO GP TITAN BOND gas and waterproof membrane can be installed with the use of either welded or taped joints depending on the specific project requirements.

PUDLO GP TITAN BOND complies with the latest codes of practice as set out by BRE, CIRIA C748, BS 8485:2015 and BS 8102. PUDLO GP TITAN BOND is also suitable for use as a ground gas / Hydrocarbon protection from NHBC under the traffic light system (Green, Amber 1, Amber 2 and Red sites).

Product Waterproofing Radon Carbon Dioxide Methane VOCs including hydrocarbons
PUDLO GP Titan Bond


In applications where a dual system is required, as outlined in NHBC Chapter 5.4, PUDLO GP TITAN BOND gas and waterproof membrane can be used alongside PUDLO CWP as an accepted solution. PUDLO Waterproof Systems will provide a 20 year warranty for the waterproofing on your structure, please contact us to find out more about this.


If you’d like to find out more about this, please call us on 01954 780687 or email us at sales@pudlo.com.