PUDLO: a better product; a better service

When you buy PUDLO you don’t just get the best performing waterproofing additive on the market, you also get Quality Assurance and support from a dedicated team of experts.

PUDLO’S reputation is built on the fact that nothing is left to chance. Every project is inspected by PUDLO’S dedicated team of TechICT qualified experts. This team exists solely to offer on-site QA support and ensures the highest standards are met at every stage of construction.

PUDLO’S on-site QA process is ISO 9001 accredited and comes as standard at no extra cost.

It includes:

  • Mix Design Approval
  • RMC/Batching Plant Briefing
  • Pre-Start Contractor Induction Meeting
  • Pre-Pour preparation inspection and approval
  • Pour Attendance – All Pours inspected and documented
  • Post Pour Curing inspection and approval
  • Final Completed Works inspection and approval
  • Issue of 20 year warranty (UK only)
On each and every project, PUDLO allocates a Site Inspector responsible for recording all aspects of the preparation, pouring and curing of PUDLO modified concrete. It is this commitment to Quality Assurance that enables PUDLO to guarantee every inch of the completed works containing PUDLO modified concrete.

PUDLO’S on-site QA process is ISO 9001 accredited.