How does PUDLO manage to deliver outstanding technical services, produce industry leading waterproofing solutions and provide on-site support all at the same time? Well it certainly isn’t easy. We spent a week with Technical Manager, Darren Nolan, to see what he gets up to in a week. Here’s what we saw:


Darren finds himself working closely with the technical team. When a new project came in, he reviewed the project details looking at key things like the ground investigation report, for the location of the water table and the presence of any harmful ground gasses. Once done, Darren’s focus shifted to supporting the Technical Team with the completion of bespoke technical drawings for a number of projects.

As well as the technical team, he worked with Scott Shooter, Site Support Team Leader, to co-ordinate and manage the site team, ensuring that all of their reports are submitted correctly and reviewing the projects they’re working on. He even had time to review some reports that were written by our CSSW accredited specification team and sit in on some design team meetings.


It's not all reports and drawings though. Other times Darren will provide / organise training for the technical team, site and specification teams, as well as specialist installers, ensuring their product and industry knowledge is always up to date. Just this week he invited industry expert, Michael Earle, to bring the team up to date on the latest in structural waterproofing design.


Darren steps away from training and the technical team to take a look at new product development. If someone is going to be providing the technical expertise for this, it’s going to be Darren. He works closely with the sales team, discussing the technical issues that the new product needs to solve and keeping the project on track.


Then he’s back to the technical office. When projects are complete, Darren will take a look at all of the paperwork from the site team, ensuring it has been submitted and the work on site is complete, and if any problems have arisen, they are resolved. Problems are rare but occasionally do happen. Darren ensures that whenever one occurs, it is sorted, and the client is happy. Once this is done, he and Lorraine Allen, Technical Administrator, can begin the process of signing off on the final project warranty


In between juggling all of these things, he finds time to take a look at our NBS specification, making sure that our listed products are up to date and as complete as possible. He also took time to ensure he is up to date with the standards and all of the latest health and safety policies to keep the technical and site team well informed – as well as our clients and for the steering groups he sits on such as the PCA Structural Waterproofing Steering Group meetings.

This represents just one week in the life of Darren, and it’s certainly a lot. If he could possibly squeeze anything else into his busy schedule, we’d have to write a second blog! What is clear to see though, is that all of these things help to shape the incredible service that we strive to deliver for our customers, and that’s what it’s all about.

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