Elvis Falica and Joe Brogan from PUDLO Waterproof Systems take us through the once-in-a-lifetime restoration of an iconic listed building.

Even by London standards,Whitehall’s Old War Office (OWO) stands out as a piece of architectural heritage. Completed in 1906, the Grade II listed building saw 2500 people working its 2.5 miles of corridors during wartime. Legend has it that a meeting here inspired Winston Churchill’s “fight them on the beaches” speech.

But today, the property is more closely associated with espionage and intrigue. Not only has it been used in five Bond films, but also Ian Fleming, 007’s creator, regularly visited for work.

Over 760,000ft2 (70,600m2) of space is to become a 120-room Raffles hotel, London’s first. Space was also allocated for 85 luxury residences, nine restaurants, three bars, a gym and a suspended pool. 

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