Originally established to provide specialist sands to the industry for cement testing and fuse manufacturing, DB Group soon expanded in 1990 when PUDLO Waterproof Systems was brought into the Group, later adding an industry-leading service and warranty.

Expanding on an already strong waterproofing background, DB Group introduced MPS Concrete Solutions, providing outstanding industry expertise in various applications, including, concrete repair, jointing solutions and waterproofing installations.

With sustainability at the core of DB Group, Cemfree was launched in 2015, offering an ultra-low carbon alternative to traditional Portland Cement and a complete game changer for the industry with carbon savings of up to 85%. Progression and quality underpin everything we do at DB Group. Listening and working with customers means the Group continuously pushes innovation and improves the product and services offered.

On top of this, they are firmly committed to protecting the environment, the safety & health of its employees, customers, contractors, interested parties and the local community within which it manufactures and provides quality products and services to the construction industry. Find out more about how PUDLO and DB Group operate here.