In the 1990s, the world-famous waterproofing brand, PUDLO, was re-introduced, heralding a new era in the performance of integrally waterproof concrete. PUDLO CWP, acknowledged as the world’s first commercial concrete waterproofing admixture introduced over a century before, underwent a transformative reformulation. This process involved re-engineering it to meet modern architectural requirements, resulting in enhanced capabilities and the pioneering introduction of the first - and still unmatched - guarantee for completed concrete structures.

In 2016 we expanded our waterproofing range into a comprehensive choice of solutions, including waterproof and gas protection membranes and cavity drain systems, covering Types A, B & C.

Our range of products are supported by our industry-leading service. Our supportive waterproofing experts guide you every step of the project, from design to installation, ensuring our products meet the high standards your project deserves. Combining this expansive range with our industry-leading service and warranty makes for an unbeatable mix.

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