Here are a few key benefits of a PUDLO warranty:

1. Enhanced Product Performance 

Our warranties take performance into account, not merely products.

In addition, we’re always on hand to help prevent issues during installation and to correct problems if they occur. We pride ourselves on retaining a highly personal level of customer care from design through to installation and when necessary, warranty fulfilment.

The PUDLO culture of collaboration ensures a seamless process, and should something go wrong, our accredited team is on the frontlines of finding a fix

2. Expert Risk Reduction

Building projects are often expensive and complex undertakings, so reducing risk is crucial. Our warranties are designed to help you continue building work without worrying about the cost or hassle of correcting problems after installation.

By offering a helping hand in the design process and later providing on-site assistance with installation, we effectively limit the risk of installation problems (and simultaneously reduce the risk of you needing to correct them later).

Our team is accredited by the ICT (Institute of Concrete Technology) and offers the ideal blend of on-site service and monitoring, providing the PUDLO performance our customers have come to expect.

3. Warranties For All Needs

At PUDLO, we know no two building projects are the same. We see all of our customers as individuals and want you to feel valued and reassured by the right kind of cover for your needs. As a one-stop solution, our customer service provision is the best of its kind, so you can always be sure you’re getting the ideal warranty for your project.

Our Promise To You

Thanks to our industry experience and best-in-class product range, you can always be sure of a seamless installation, a high-performance result, and expert aftercare with PUDLO.

Find the right waterproofing products or gas proofing products for your project.