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Type A

If you need to provide a barrier to supplement your masonry and concrete’s resistance to water ingress, then you are going to need Type A Waterproofing

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Type B

When incorporating waterproofing into the earliest stages of your design, look for a Type B system. Here, the structure provides its own integral water-resistant protection

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Type C

Type C systems manage water coming into the structure. Water entering the structure is channelled, collected and exits via a specially designed cavity drain membrane

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Gas Protection

Vital to your project’s success is protection from ground gases. There are several types of hazardous gases and ways in which we can protect your structures from them

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Products to help provide a complete waterproofing solution for Types A, B, C and gas protection by working in conjunction with your chosen water or gas protection products

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The weakest part of any concrete application where hydrostatic pressure is present. Selecting the right jointing system is key to achieving a robust and fully protected joint

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Mastic & sealants

Our Mastics and Sealant products are designed to help provide a water tight structure sealing construction joints, pipe penetrations, tie bolt holes to protect your projects

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Drainage & protection boards

Ensure you protect your project by helping to relieve hydro static pressure from hitting the membrane or concrete using one of our drainage and protection boards

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Decking systems

Decking Systems are a Type A membrane, specially designed for buried roofs and podium decks to provide a dedicated waterproofing system

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