• Gas Protection

    Vital to your project’s success is protection from ground gases. There are several types of hazardous gases and ways in which we can protect your structures from them

PUDLO GP Titanbond

PUDLO GP Ultra+ is a pre-applied fully bonded waterproofing membrane incorporating a heavy duty virgin polypropylene geotextile. The geotextile is laminated to the membrane to provide a dual function; protecting the membrane from damage and providing a full...

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PUDLO GP Titanflex

PUDLO GP Titanflex is a multi-layer, polyethylene flexible membrane with a unique core component designed and manufactured to provide a barrier to the most aggressive of ground gases PUDLO GP Titanflex protects structures from gas including Radon, CO2,...

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PUDLO GP Titantank

PUDLO GP Titantank is a self-adhesive Membrane composed of self-adhesive version of PUDLO GP Titanflex and a layer of siliconized polypropylene release film. PUDLO GP Titantank is a post applied fully bonded system used to protect structures against ground...

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PUDLO GP1 is a low-density, reinforced, LDPE aluminium foil ground gas membrane

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PUDLO Liquid GB is a styrene, butadiene, latex-based liquid system. PUDLO Liquid GB prevents gas penetration for radon, carbon dioxide, methane, air and moisture into buildings.

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