PUDLO 2.5 CWP is a hydrophobic, poreblocking admixture. A dual-purpose, multi-component powdered admixture comprising a powerful single dosage pack providing outstanding long-term durability and waterproofing properties to all concrete mixes.

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  • Can be used as a single system waterproofing system
  • Suitable for use with all CEM I mixes (100% OPC) and blended cement replacement mix designs using GGBS, PFA and Microsillica as well as Cemfree mixes
  • Provides permanent significant reduction in permeability, reduction in carbonation of concrete, increases long-term durability
  • Suitable for use with all structural concrete mixes including ready-mix, precast and spray applied application
  • Reduces bleed, segregation, efflorescence, and staining
  • Supplied in dissolvable paper bags
  • Improves resistance to sulphate, chloride and chemical attack including leachates. Reduces shrinkage, enhances protection against frost attack, provides sound concrete for the protection of


  • Below ground structures (habitable and car parks) including lift pits, slabs, liner walls and capping beams
  • Podium decks & green roofs
  • Tunnels
  • Liquid retaining structures (inc. swimming pools)
  • Volatile ground conditions e.g., waste transfer stations
  • Waterproofing above ground level image

    Waterproofing above ground level

  • Waterproofing at ground level image

    Waterproofing at ground level

  • Waterproofing at below ground level image

    Waterproofing at below ground level

Additional Info

  • The dosage for PUDLO 2.5 CWP should be trialled first using site conditions and materials
  • 1 x 2.5kg bag per m3 of concrete. Part loads must be rounded up to full bag dosage. Do not under dose
  • Minimum Cement Content 350kg/m3
  • Maximum Water Cement ratio 0.40
  • Minimum Water Cement Ratio 0.35
  • It’s essential that good concreting practice is followed during the pouring of the concrete. PUDLO 2.5 CWP should be placed, fully compacted, and correctly cured in accordance with industry guidelines / standards. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may cause moisture or water ingress

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