Surestop BWB

Surestop BWB is a red hydrophilic strip made of sodium bentonite and butyl rubber with a silicone-treated back paper

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  • Prevents premature swelling
  • Resist hydrostatic pressures of up to 70 metres of water column = 7 bar
  • Highly durable and shows no detrimental effect in performance during wet/dry cycling (25 cycles @70m)
  • Will not dissolve in water and is non-polluting


Designed for use in reinforced structural concrete utilising two rows of reinforcing steel with a minimum thickness of 200mm, providing the Surestop BWB with no less than 75mm concrete cover to all sides


Surestop Adhesive

Surestop Voidformer

Surestop SM

Surestop Steel Cage Mesh (Contact PUDLO for more information)

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