Surestop SM

Surestop SM is a one component, polyurethane based, solvent-free, hydro-swelling mastic. Curing time depends on the temperature and humidity conditions i.e. curing time will reduce if the temperature is higher Surestop SM will become firm in 24-36 hours. Performance is not affected by the curing time

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  • WRAS drinking water approval - UK
  • Surestop SM can be applied to concrete, PVC, HDPE, steel, etc
  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • In contact with water, Surestop SM will expand to 350% of its original volume
  • Flexible system, which adapts to the irregular surface of the substrate
  • Easy application with standard caulking gun 
  • Durable: will exceed the construction life
  • Approved for contact with potable water


  • Sealing rough and smooth construction joints of in situ cast concrete
  • Sealing joints between precast segments (e.g. manholes, box culverts, cable ducts and pipes)
  • Sealing around steel H-beams
  • Sealing between rough surfaces e.g. slurry walls, and concrete slabs
  • Bonding strip sealants to rough surfaces
  • Sealing around bolt spacers and void formers
  • On secant pile walls


  • Surestop BWB
  • Surestop Voidformer
  • Skeleton Gun
  • PS Hi-Flow Grouting Mortar (contact PUDLO for specific requirements)

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