With the government urging people to get more active, a new local facility in Newmarket was proposed. But this was not any ordinary leisure centre, this project was designed with a pool facility featuring a movable floor, capable of adjusting the depth of the swimming pool.


Ensuring long-term, problem-free performance from the waterproofing specification for the pools was therefore critical to the project team responsible for the design and construction. In evaluating the relative benefits of available waterproofing additives, PUDLO stood out for the engineers, WSP Group. While many other products claim similar properties and performance, PUDLO was unique in offering a 20-year warranty of the finished structure. With so much riding on the watertightness of the pool and basement wall design – water quality, health and safety, public service, council revenues and the reputation of all involved – this warranty proved decisive.

PUDLO’s attention to detail was appreciated in other areas, including the user-friendly product packaging. The additive comes in sealed, premeasured packs, making it easy to add the right dose to the quantity of ready mix being prepared. As well as lining and filling pores, PUDLO alters the micro-structure of concrete to provide significantly increased factors of waterproofing, drying shrinkage and strength gain. Among other benefits, it improves chloride resistance by 100%, reduces the rate of carbonation by a factor of 4, increases strength by a minimum of 20%, reduces water absorption, permeability, drying shrinkage and cracking, and improves dimensional stability and durability.


Matthew Newton, senior engineer for WSP, said: 

“PUDLO provided a guarantee that if there were any leaks using their product, they would rectify them. They were the only company offering this assurance of performance. It provided a big comfort factor for the whole of the design team.”

PUDLO was used to waterproof the concrete design for all the water-retaining and below-ground structures, including the two pools, balancing tanks and basement plant room. As well as enjoying the reassurance of the warranty, the project team was also impressed by the level of technical support, supervision and commitment to quality provided by PUDLO’s site inspectors.

Matthew Newton commented: 

“We were given a complete service, on and off site. PUDLO provided input on the concrete design, including suggestions for the detail for the waterproofing joints which we took on board. They also gave technical support to the contractor, guiding them on workmanship and achieving the design detail required in using the product.”

Thousands of people use the pools each week which are open long hours, some days from 6am to 10pm.