PUDLO Render Seal 2C

PUDLO Render Seal 2C is a two component cementitious, waterproof membrane. 

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  • Applied to both concrete and masonry on new builds or for remediation measures
  • Resistant to carbonation
  • Robust internal waterproofing product
  • Mixed with latex for improved elastometric and crack bridging properties up to 0.8mm
  • Resists positive and negative hydrostatic pressure up to 7 bar resistance
  • Can be brush, trowel or spray applied
  • Flexible to accomodate minor movement, up to 0.8mm
  • Can be used in damp conditions
  • Resistance to salt solutions, dilute acids and alkali solutions


PUDLO Render Seal is robust for providing waterproof protection to below ground structures against negative and positive water pressure.

  • Basements
  • Pile heads
  • Swimming pools
  • Retaining walls
  • Lift pits
  • Applied internal and external to walls
  • Applied to masonry
  • Aquatic concrete applications
  • Waterproofing above ground level image

    Waterproofing above ground level

  • Waterproofing at ground level image

    Waterproofing at ground level

  • Waterproofing at below ground level image

    Waterproofing at below ground level

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